"Here to Heal!"

Palacios Community Medical Center

PCMC Mission Statement:
"To provide accessible quality healthcare services to the people of the community and surrounding area; to promote the best opportunity for recovery of good health; and to assure the continued viability of the hospital through planning and sound fiscal management".
Our Vision
We care about each person as if they were family, guiding them to understand and manage their illness and health.
We actively collaborate with our fellow staff, knowing that each of us brings a special set of skills and experience that, when combined, raises the quality of care beyond the level any individual alone can achieve.
We respect every client and co-worker, embracing their inherent worth and uniqueness, and acknowledge the dignity of each.
We encourage consumers to exercise their right to participate in their treatment and recovery, knowing that by this participation they will determine the course of their lives.
We advocate developing the ability to learn as fundamental to acquiring the knowledge and skills that will enable people to achieve their full potential to lead productive lives. We encourage consumer education and professional development as contributing to our mutual understanding and the continuous improvement of Palacios Community Medical Center's quality of care
We continuously pursue opportunities to improve the quality of care we provide, the environment of care and every factor that affects our ability to fulfill our mission.
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