Mohammad Atiq Dada, MD

Internal Medicine and Nephrologist; Available as scheduled.

Dr. Dada is a board certified kidney specialist. He is also board certified in internal medicine. Dr. Dada has a unique background of specialized education and training that positions him to provide compassionate, caring and comprehensive care to his patients.

He completed his residency training in internal medicine at University of Connecticut’s Primary Care Medicine program. He continued working with the University of Connecticut’s residency program for two more years as a Chief Medical Resident initially and then as an Academic Hospitalist. In these positions, Dr. Dada had the opportunity to train several physicians in the field of internal medicine.

He continues to attend national continuing medical education engagements to keep up to date with the recent advances and standards of quality care in the field of kidney diseases. “Medication adjustments to use the minimum medications needed to get the best results is crucial,” says Dr. Dada. His patients describe him as thorough, caring and with an excellent bedside manner, a physician who really cares about the health of each of his patients.